Develop a Positive Attitude and Build A Cast-Iron Relationship With Your Boyfriend

From childhood on, we are surrounded, at home, at school and at work, by dissatisfied people who view everyone and everything with neither goodwill nor tolerance. There are so many good and beautiful things to see and do — why waste our lives mulling over things that are not worth a second glance? It is easier to shoulder your burden than to drag it. It is better to promote good health than to fight against sickness. It is wiser to seek out joy than merely to avoid pain. Let us live hoping for the best, rather than perpetually fearing the worst. But in order to maintain this positive approach to ourselves and to life, we must learn not to take ourselves too seriously, and to face both success and failure with the same good grace and equanimity.
Some may regard this advice as rather old-fashioned, but consider this story from a psychologist showing where positive and negative attitudes can lead.

A woman with two small children complained of excessive nervousness and sensitivity. She had difficulty in getting on with both her five year-old daughter and her own mother. When asked what she thought her husband liked best about her, she was unable to think of anything. She knew with certainty, however, exactly what he disliked about her.

She was asked her to bring her husband along to the next session, where he was seen individually. 'What do you like best about your wife?’ he was asked. The husband at once reeled off a whole list of excellent qualities. His wife was then asked to come into the room, and was told what her husband had just said about her. Her response was tears of joy: he had found far less fault with her than she had with herself. The couple left the consulting room hand in hand, determined to encourage each other more and to maintain a positive attitude to life. Because the wife felt better about herself, her relationships with her mother and daughter improved immediately.

To get a second chance romance, it is up to us to decide to be positive or negative about life, ourselves or other people. If we develop a positive attitude to ourselves, it helps us to be more creative and to be more positive in our relations with others. And if we approach our fellow human beings with respect, regard, trust and good- will, it can help them to live up to the positive image we hold of them.